Monday, July 29, 2013

practice today

We will meet at the corner of Wakara Way and Colorow Rd  (The intersection is right below the entrance to Red Butte Garden and the Natural History Museum.) at 5 pm. Today's ride will be on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail system.  Looks like the temps will not be too crazy hot, but bring plenty of water.

Watch the weather for thunderstorms.  We will post here and on Facebook for last minute cancellation. 

Also note that the practice schedule is up on the calendar for August.  Please regard these as tentative as we are working out coaching schedules.  Locations may change as well.

View meeting place for SLC Conglomerate Team practices in a larger map

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Practice reminder 28 July - August 4

Team members,

Practice this week will be held on Monday and Saturday. That's right only 2 practices. On your days off make sure you get out on the trails and work on your skills and endurance.

Monday 29 July
We will meet at the corner of Wakara Way and Colorow Rd (The intersection is right below the entrance to Red Butte Garden and the Natural History Museum.) today's ride will be on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail system. Bring water to practice..... It will be hot.

Saturday 3 August
Location: Spring Creek trail head Kimball Junction Park City UT.

For those interested in carpooling from SLC we will leave the Sugarhouse SHOPKO at 10:30am and return at 2:40pm.

Coach Drew Jordan

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Required items for team rides

Team members,
The picture below represents the minimum amount of equipment you need to bring on every training ride (Tubes not pictured). Having a flat tire on the trail happens to everyone at some point. Not having the tools to change your flat can make for a very long day! Yes we ride as a group and It is easy to borrow other riders tools, but some day you will be out on the trail by yourself and these tools will be a necessity. If you already have these items great. Before August 9th please find the time to pick up these items pictured below. You can purchase other versions, but you need to make sure you have the ability to change out a flat tire. We will spend a little time at the beginning of practice on 9 August to make sure everyone has these items.

Please do not buy tire tubes. has been generous to our team and has made available to us packs of 4 tubes for $1. So bring $1 to practice on the 9th and I will hand out tubes.

We have worked with Gutherie's Bicycle shop which is our our team shop sponsor to make available to you the items pictured below. Please remember that every team member is in the shop database. When ordering bicycle parts, accessories, or having service done on your bike you need to tell the Gutherie's representative that you are part of the SLC Conglomerate Bicycle Team and give them your student name. The shop will discount your purchase by 15%. If you have any issues Mr. Preston Jacobsen who is the shop manager will be able to assist you.

Our most recent team members that represent City Mountain Bikers you have been working with Wasatch Touring and they have been great to you with a 20% discount on accessories. The shop item numbers below correlate only to the Gutherie's Bicycle shop inventory.

Please patronize your respective sponsor bicycle shops and make sure you tell them thank you for their support!

Recommended items:

Bontrager tire levers (consists of 2 levers)
Shop item #406886

Bontrager folding hex tool
Shop item #418560

Black Burn any valve mini-pump
Shop item #768686888540
(Note: the pump comes with mounts to attach to your bicycle frame. Personally I would recommend that you not mount the pump to your frame. Carrying the pump in your hydration pack or jersey pocket in my opinion is a better option. The pump pictured has a bonus feature in that it will automatically adapt to a Presta or Schrader valve.)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

And then there were three

The SLC Conglomerate team (which is really two teams working together: SLC Composite and East) welcomed another team into our growing network of students and adults who are psyched to be part of high school mountain bike racing in Utah.  City Mountain Bikers is a team of riders from Judge and City Academy. They will be practicing with us and adding to our awesomeness.

Another hot one in Round Valley today. Lots of students out on vacation or doing the Canyons Enduro race, but we still had 7 athletes for a good solid three hour practice. We welcomed Coach Wilson and rider Patrick from City Mountain Bikers. They will be a great addition to the team.  

Here are some photos from the day.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saturday July 20th practice update

Practice on Saturday will be up in Park City on the Round Valley trail system. For those interested in carpooling we will meet at the regular SHOPKO parking lot location in Sugarhouse at 10AM. If you are meeting us up at Round Valley please park next to the bathrooms located next to the soccer / lacrosse fields at 11AM. The address for the sports complex is:

Quinn's Junction
600 Gillmore Way
Park City UT

Please wear sunscreen and bring an after practice lunch. We will have a cooler in the truck to keep things cool.

Several of our fellow team members will be competing in the Canyons Enduro MTB Race this Saturday. All of us up in Round Valley will be cheering you on!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One-day leaders' summit

On Saturday, Coach Rachel, Coach Collin, and Coach Lucy took a one-day leader's summit put on by the Utah League.  In the classroom we learned some of the key points in being a good coach, including managing risk to keep all the student athletes safe. In the afternoon, outside, we learned how to break down important mountain bike skills into separate parts so that our learners can more easily pick up on these important skills.

The rodeo had left the parking lot a mess, so Instructor Judd used the landmines as obstacles around which to demonstrate proper turning technique.

Coach Collin demonstrating good ride position on a downhill slope.

Coach Rachel also demonstrating downhill ride position
   We are dialed for skills clinics now!

Practice at Trailside Park

Friday we practiced at Trailside Park in Park City.   We started with some time at the pump track ...

and then hit some of the trails, including the downhill slalom. It was a lot of fun while still working on skills.

 Besides Coaches Jordan and Coach Travis, a couple of parents joined us too, which made for a great mix. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First practice of 2013

We just issued gear and went over a few things at our first short practice of 2013.
Coach Drew gave a demonstration on how to change a flat.
Then we played "last foot down".
Our next practice is Friday when we will get to ride for real.