Thursday, October 31, 2013

Saturday Nov 2 practice details

Meet at 1 PM at the same City Creek location we've been meeting at (NOT the Red Butte Garden location).  This is the BST trailhead on City Creek.
 Here is a link to a map for practice locations.
 Click on the link or pan around to City Creek on the embedded map below and then zoom and click on the hiker at the mouth of City Creek.

View Practice meeting places for SLC Conglomerate MTB team in a larger map

 Meet at the small dirt parking area at the hairpin turn on Bonneville Blvd where it crosses City Creek Canyon Road in City Creek Canyon.  Bonneville Blvd is a one way going counter clockwise so you have to enter City Creek Canyon from the Avenues at 11th Ave and B Street.

For Saturday's practice we will ride the BST trail up and over Ensign Peak, past the radio towers.  Riders will continue to north Salt Lake on the BST and ride the Wild Rose Trail System.  There are some fun easy little downhill-only trails (similar to Bobsled but shorter), so be prepared to rip it.  Riders will then return to City Creek TH via the BST.

Option:  Did you eat too much candy on Halloween night? Having a hard time fitting into your ride shorts? The thought of an elevated hear rate, lung busting-eyes crossed climb up to Ensign Peak not sounding appealing? Meet us at the Wild Rose trail head at 2PM.

650 Sky Crest Ln 
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

You can pan north on the map above and look for the blue marker.  Click on it - it will say Wild Rose Trailhead Park.

No need to RSVP but if you are late, don't expect us to wait.  Catch up or meet at Wild Rose TH.

We will return to City Creek TH at around 4 PM.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Race #5 Utah State Championship info 1

We are excited for our last race, the State Championship in Moab on Nov 9.  Even if you have missed a race, it is important that you come out and enjoy this fun venue. Here are a couple of important points about scoring.

All finishers at the State Championship are awarded Race Bonus Points as follows: 50 points for 1st place and sequentially for each place thereafter, one less point than is awarded the immediately preceding place, through 50th place, and one point for each finishing place thereafter (e.g., 49 points for 2nd, 48 points for 3rd, . . . 3 points for 48th, 2 points for 49th, 1 point for 50th, and 1 point for each finisher thereafter
Awards for the day are awarded right after the race at the race venue. Overall Awards for the year will be held at the Grand County High School (608 South 400 East) at 6:30PM. These awards are for the overall race series and are awarded 10% of field size (rounded up) plus two places deep.
Awards will be followed by a professional cyclist speaker (tba).
Overall Series scoring for individuals is based on the best 4 of 5. In other words, the lowest score is dropped. A missed race would be the lowest score dropped.

The race is on the Brand trails. Click here for more info on the trails. Navigate to Trails->select by region -> Moab ->Brand Trails.

Don't forget to wear your jersey to practice at Sugarhouse Park tomorrow for the team picture.

Race #4 Solidier Hollow

Fabulous sunny warm racing weather and dusty trails marked race #4 at Soldier Hollow.

The morning was very cold morning while Coach Lucy volunteered at the registration tent.

Sunshine and high school mountain bike racing at Soldier Hollow

13 team members raced. Lia was once again our top finisher of the day, handily beating a field of 35 Freshman girls.

She gave a professional interview.

Wave 2 was our Sophomore and Freshman racers.
By this time, the day was clear and beautiful.

Thomas coming through on his lap.

Coach Drew congratulations Trent on his personal best finish of the season.

Sister Tally is happy for her bro.

Coach Bethany and Coach Lucy cheer on the racers.

 Wave 3 was JV and Varsity
Isaac at the start.

After the races, meatball subs!!

Several team members had person best finishes.  Hats off to all our racers!

Two weeks until the state championship in Moab. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saturday ride/practice

Saturday was an optional ride/practice.  Only JD and Coach Lucy were hard core enough to accept the challenge.  They rode up from City Creek and over to North Salt Lake to explore the Wild Rose Trails.  Awesome weather for a day on the bike.  They almost saw a rattlesnake. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Unofficial practice tomorrow (Saturday)

Meet Coach Lucy at the base of City Creek where the road makes the hair pin turn (same place as the other rides met there) at 1:30 PM.  We will ride up and over past the radio towers to North Salt Lake and check out the Wild Rose trails. It is about a 13 mile loop so dress in layers and bring snacks and water.  I expect it may take us 2 to 3 hours.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The "Sharknado"

Practice on Thursday 15 October was not your ordinary practice on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail system. Students were divided in to two teams. A clue was handed to each team and they were off. Racing from clue to clue team members zig zagged around the BST Trails completing tasks. Tasks included a group photo on a Trailside bench, changing out a tube on a demo flat tire, and dividing up their groups to perform hill climbs or push-ups before cycling to their next clue.

Part of the task was to take your best Sharknado picture on the bench.

Thomas reads the next clue.

 Both the students and the coaches had a great time with the race finishing back at the TH with cupcakes and "high end" plastic medals.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Practice tonight will be fun

Practice tonight will be great fun! We have something very different than usual planned for all of you. Please come to practice unless you are very sick or working.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Race #3 Snowbasin Altitude Bash

Great day of racing yesterday at the 3rd High School race of 2013 at the Snowbasin Altitude Bash.

The girls went off at 10 AM. 

Lia at the start.

Lia coming through on her lap 2.5 minutes ahead of everyone!

She held on for a big win!  Lia and mom Ellen.

Wave 2 is Freshman and Sophomore Boys at 11:45.

JD and Quinn at the start

Thomas and his rival sprinting for the finish.  They were back and forth all day but at the end, his competitor held on for to snag 4th place.  Thomas had his best result so far of the year in 5th place.
Quinn at the finish

Most of the racers' families were there to cheer on the kids.

The JV and varsity boys race last so they have more time to prep and warm up.

Coach Drew walking through the course with John as he warms up

As the JV and Varsity were getting going, we had a team feast for those that were done.  Mmmmmmmeatball subs!

  Wave 3 is the JV and Varsity boys at 1:05 pm.

Ben coming through on lap 2

Sam cheered on by Coach Drew and brother Quinn


Isaac had a tough day with mechanicals but held on to finish his race.

Varsity racer Galen

Varisty racer Ian

Thankfully, the weather was chilly but not wet and the precip from the past couple of weeks put the trail in primo condition.  With 3 races down and 2 to go, SLC Conglomerate is racing well.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Practice Thursday 10 Oct CANCELLED

Due to inclement weather practice is cancelled today. Stay tuned for weather updates about the race this upcoming Saturday.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sponsor spotlight: Wasatch Touring

Wasatch Touring

702 E 100 S
Salt Lake City, UT
Wasatch Touring provides discounts and support for the SLC Conglomerate High School Mountain Bike Team.
Owners Dwight and Charlie grew up in Minnesota surrounded by Scandinavians who loved the outdoors, human powered travel and adventure, weather it be by ski, bike, paddle or foot. Their parents and neighbors encouraged all of them as kids to camp, skate, canoe, swim, ski and bike in and around the local countryside.

Charlie and Dwight Butler, owners of Wasatch Touring
They moved to Utah in 1972 to open a cross-country ski shop, Wasatch Touring. Their initial mission was to share the beauty of backcountry travel on skis, by offering rental gear and taking anyone they could enlist, up into the ski trails we were exploring in the Wasatch Mountains.

After three winters of closing shop for the summer, in 1975 they expanded into cycling and changed to a year round business. Shortly thereafter they purchased mountain bikes and became the first Specialized and the first mountain bicycle dealer in the State of Utah.

Wasatch Touring sells and rents Nordic skis, both skate and classic, but also offers Telemark and Alpine Touring (AT) skis with climbing skins. They sell, repair and rent split snowboards and snowshoes, have ski wax and tuning services and stock all the gear, clothing and accessories for everything from a Winter stroll up Mill Creek, to a ski decent of Lone Peak.

In the Summers they are a full service shop for both road and mountain bikes. Their road bike emphasis is on touring, commuting, and endurance riding. In mountain bikes are focused on cross-country and enduro riding, but they do employ a downhill-er, a jumper, a old BMX racer, as well as a former Cycle-cross racer from Iowa. They rent a range of mountain and road bikes appropriate for everything from a casual ride around town to a epic mountain trail ride. They recently added Tri Cross bikes to the rental/demo bike mix.

They offer bike fit, bike tools, maintenance and repair clinics, ski tuning, plastic boot repair, boot punching and fitting.

Supporting the NICA high school mountain bike race program fits with Wasatch Touring's enduring original mission of promoting human powered fun in the great outdoors!


Pics from race #2 Round Valley Round-up

Here are some pictures from last Saturday's race at Round Valley.
It was REALLY cold in the morning and the girls' race was muddy, but the boys had a blue bird day.

team tent

families that race together...

start of Freshman boys D2

Ryan's bike did not make it out unscathed.
Lia finishes top 5