Thursday, November 7, 2013

Come on down to Moab

Coaches Jordan with some of the Utah League big wigs enjoying the awesome trails in Moab

Pre-ride is scheduled for 2:00-5:15.  Coaches Jordan will be at the race course during that time frame. Any help setting up the team tent will be appreciated.

7:00 pm is movies at Grand Co High School.  The movies will be awesome!

Saturday, if you have not pre ridden, the course is open for pre-ride from 8 to 9:30. Lia races at 10.

We don't have any meals planned at the race course.  After awards at the venue, team members and families are invited to our condo for an-end of season team celebratory dinner!

Season awards will be back in town at the Grand Co High School at 6:30.

State Championship will be great!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New trail!

Saturday's practice started in one of our regular stomping grounds, City Creek Canyon, but then we rode the steep up and over BST all the way to North Salt Lake to check out the fairly new (2ish years old?) Wild Rose trail system.

Fun little loops and a couple of downhill-only tracks made for big fun on an awesome fall day.

Thanks to Coach Bethany for the photos.

Congratulations to our team captain

By secret ballot, each team member was able to vote for one student athlete he or she thought should be our 2013 team captain.  All Varsity and JV student athletes on SLC Conglomerate and City Mountain Bikers were eligible.

A team captain is the rider who best leads the team in all of its endeavors.  A team captain is a good mentor, shows leadership and organization, enforces positive thinking, recognizes his team mates skills, steps up when needed, and creates a fun and encouraging team atmosphere.

And now, without further adieu, the SLC Conglomerate 2013 Team Captain is:



keep scrolling



the suspense is killing you


and here it is!



Sam is a senior at East High and always has a positive attitude. Congratulations Sam!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bike Polo

Coaches and riders alike are tiring of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, so for Tuesday's practice, we went to Sugarhouse Park and played bike polo.  Thanks to Coach Bethany for arranging to borrow the mallots and ball from a friend.  Coach Steve, of Wilson Photography, took these amazing photos of the action.

And we were able to get 95% of the team there for the team photo.

A fun bunch!