Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cyclefest 2014

The annual fundraiser for the Utah High School Cycling league rose to new levels this year at the Pacific Union Hall at the Gateway.  First class!

16 teammates, parents, family, and coaches of the SLC Conglomerate teams were in attendance.

The Perrys
The highlight of our evening was to cheer as Sam Casper accepted the Jerry Steiner Leadership Award.The award honors a student athlete who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, sportsmanship, and volunteerism in their team.

Announcement and slide show of Sam's award

Sam giving his acceptance speech.

Sam and his family.

San and Coaches Jordan

sweet trophy!
SLC Composite parent and ride leader Glen Perry, chair of the board of Bikes For Kids, presented the Crusher Award to Tyrell, a very cool kid from Salt Lake Center for Science Education.

Glen Perry awarding the Bikes for Kids Crusher award.

All in all a great evening to see folks we have not seen since the race season ended.  Plus, we raised money for the league and scholarships!