Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Race #4 Snowbasin

The high school mountain bike season has come to an end. The last few weeks of the season were hectic, with pre-rides at the race venues every weekend and races every other weekend.  Here are some pictures from Race #4 at Snowbasin.

 Coach Drew setting up on Friday night

 Fall colors for scenery at the start line.

 Queen of the Mountain Varsity Girls Rachel A.

And SLC Composite took First Place for the day!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fwd: Utah Adventure + Gear Expo

HS MTB team members and families.  We have 8 free tickets for pick up at will call to attend this expo on either Friday or Saturday.  If interested please reply to coach Lucy (

Adventure+Gear is sponsored by the Governor's Office of Outdoor Recreation and we have partnered with Toyota, Maverik, The Mountain Accord and several premier outdoor brands to host  an interactive adventure expo where brands, retailers and expedition resources demo and sell products and services direct to the attendees. It's all about interacting directly with the brands, demo'ing their product. 

A+G focuses on outdoor sports such as cycling / mountain biking, running/trail running, ski/snowboard, camping, climbing, backpacking, etc..., as well as a place where less recognized Counties around the state can highlight their outdoor offering and adventure travel options. 

Activities are included with the ticket: 

  • Indoor Mountain Bike and Fat Bike test track
  • Nitro Circus Mega Ramp Demo Show
  • Hosting the Telluride Mountain Film Festival (Film Fest is a separate ticket)
  • Climbing clinics sponsored by local climbing organizations
  • Adventure Theater
  • Camp Chef outdoor cooking demo
  • Strider Bike races for kids
  • Longboard Demo Area
  • And more...

We hope to see you at the show!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Food at race #5

The team will have bagels in the am and sandwiches for lunch under the team tents. Bring water! There is no water on-site.


Act NOW to purchase awards banquet tickets

50 tickets made available just now. They are gonna go fast. Click here to buy now.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Final HS MTB Practice and final race info


Practice Tuesday 21 Oct 5 to 7 PM at the regular Red Butte/Nat History Museum location. There may be goodies or prizes for this last official practice. 

Race #5
One more race to go next Saturday Oct 25 and it is in beautiful sunny Saint George!  This course is slightly more technical than previous races but you are all ready for it. All our student athletes are eligible to race in Saint George next weekend (no qualification needed).  

Any racer who attends the State Champs race and stays through the finish of the last wave will receive a prize compliments of our sponsors! The SLC Composite team is in second place by only 160 points so let's get out and race!  

The final dinner and awards banquet will be held at the Dixie Convention Center on Saturday evening.  

We have several students in contention for overall awards. The top 10% of the category plus two are awarded in the overall standings at the award banquet.  For for example, 58 JV girls have raced.  10% is 6 girls plus 2 is 8 so awards will be given to the top 8 JV girls. Remember, when computing your overall series points, your lowest scoring race (or the one you didn't attend) is dropped and there is a bonus of up to 50 points for racing this last race.  Additionally, if you raced all the races, you are awarded 25 bonus points.  These point bonuses may mix things up a bit!  

Drew and Lucy will be camping at the race venue.  There is no campground there, just a dirt area so be prepared if you are going to camp with us.  

Help wanted
We need help hauling gear back and forth to the race.  If you can take or bring one of the big tents or a table, let us know.  Also, we need parents to bring breakfast or lunch food. Team will reimburse so please bring your receipt.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

HS MTB practice 16 October 2014

The 2014 SLC Conglomerate Team

East HS
Judge HS
City Academy
Highland HS
West HS
Rowland Hall

Race #4 up at Snowbasin was so epic yesterday!  Everyone raced hard and there were a lot of personal bests out on the course!  The energy all of you show and your incredible accomplishments out on the course put huge smiles on all of your coaches faces.  The SLC Composite Team had a strong performance on Saturday which resulted in a 1st place finish for them in Division #2!

This week starts our winding down process.  For some of you this was your last race of the season and for others you will be out of town with the upcoming UEA weekend.  Practice this week will be on Thursday only.  The location will be at Red Butte Garden trailhead.  The training ride will be our standard out and back to Bob Sled.  Please dress warmly.  We have two new MTB riders who might join us from East HS that want to see what all of this MTB racing is about.  Please help me in welcoming them on Thursday!

-If you are going to the State Championship race in St. George UT on 25 October and you have room for an extra student please let me know.  Isaac Sargent and Josh Gioviel need transportation to/from the race venue.

-If you have a loaner bike and you are done for the season please clean the bike and coordinate with me to return it back to the team.
-Coach Lucy and Drew will be camping out in St George for the race.  Give us a shout if you would like to join us.

Practice schedule

Thursday 16 October
Time:  5:00pm-7:00pm
Location:  Red Butte Garden TH (Google maps:  Interseticon of Wakara Way & Colorow Rd)

Ride Leaders:
1)  Drew Jordan
2) Lucy Jordan
3)  Ally Barton

Sunday, October 5, 2014

HS MTB practice 7,9,11 Oct and race #4 Information

Lots of important information so I will keep it very brief.

1) Big shout out to all the parents who signed up as volunteers to help make race #3 possible!  Our three teams were the focus group for race #3 and we greatly exceeded our obligation.

2) No practice on Tuesday 7 October.  Get ahead of the homework curve and be ready for Thursday practice.

3) Practice Thursday 9 October will be at Trailside Park in Park City UT.  5:00pm-7:30pm. Team pictures will be taken at 6:00pm. Please make sure you are wearing your team jersey and team socks.  Pizza party at park 7:00pm-7:30pm.  Google maps plug in the following intersection (Trailside Drive & Silver Summit Parkway, Park City UT)

3a) This is an RSVP event! Parents and siblings are invited.  In order to coordinate transportation and quantity of food to order RSVP no later than 7:00pm Tuesday 7 October.  ( When you reply please indicate if you will need a ride. (Sugarhouse SHOPKO depart/return 4:30pm/8:30pm).

3b) Adults and students who can provide transportation please reply and let me know how many students/bikes you are able to transport.

4) Race #4 requires a special waiver to race at the ski resort.  This form must be signed by an adult and submitted prior to racing.  The league director has sent you an electronic version of this waiver form so check your spam folder.  Hard copies of the waiver will be at the race venue.

5) Race #4 flyer link:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Great practice videos

Tuesday night the diehards came out after the rain for one interval hard practice on the steep single track up Red Butte Canyon. Galen and Rachel met our challenge of cleaning each of the steep uphill sections.

Collin captured some short videos of the downhill section. Each video is less than 10 seconds long. You can click on bottom right of the video to make it full screen.










Thursday's practice will be pre-riding the Round Valley race course. We'll take it easy to rest our legs for the race on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Practice today Tuesday still ON!

Although the forecast is calling for 60% chance of showers this evening, as of 12:30, we are still planning to practice.  If the trails are too muddy we will still get a workout in.  Coach Lucy has a plan B. Bwah ha ha (evil laugh).

If thunderstorms look eminent at 5, we'll have a team meeting, hand out remaining socks, and dismiss.

Bring a rain coat.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

HS race #3 information and practice schedule 30 Sep thru 4 Oct

Race #3 will be held up at Round Valley in Park City UT on October 4th. Every race takes over 100 volunteers to make it possible. Every race 3-4 HS MTB Teams are part of the volunteer focus where the league has asked for an extra volunteer effort from parents and student athletes of that team. Our three teams are on the list for race #3 for the volunteer focus. If you have availability please consider signing up for a volunteer position. There are many opportunities to volunteer and I am providing the race schedule at the bottom of this correspondence so that you can ensure that you do not miss your sons/daughters race event. Please visit to sign up. Our practice on Thursday will be up at Round Valley and you can even volunteer to help set up the infield race course while your son or daughter is out pre-riding the course. Make sure when volunteering that you list your son/daughters team name (East, Judge, SLC Composite).

Race #3 is hosted at a sports complex in Park City. There are other athletic events being hosted in conjunction with our MTB race. Parking is very limited and there is a shuttle service required with remote parking for people driving to the event. You can drop off your student athlete at the event but please take in to account the extra time required to arrive at the event when parking your car and utilizing the shuttle service.


Practice Schedule:

Tuesday 30 September:
Red Butte Garden TH
(Google maps enter the intersection of Wakara Way & Colorow Rd. Salt Lake City UT)

Thursday 2 October:
Round Valley, Park City UT
Come out to volunteer with set up (sign-up on-line) or Practice riding the race course…. or do both :)
(Google maps enter the intersection of Round Valley Dr. & Kearns Blvd. Park City UT)

Saturday 4 October
Round Valley, Park City UT
(Google maps enter the intersection of Round Valley Dr. & Kearns Blvd. Park City UT)




Sophomore Boys D2 9:30AM

Freshman Boys D1 9:35AM

Freshman Boys D2 9:40AM


Varsity Girls 10:50AM

JV Girls 10:55AM

Sophomore Girls 11:00AM

Freshman Girls 11:05AM


JVBoys D2 12:25PM

Sophomore Boys D1 12:30PM


Varsity Boys 1:45PM

JV Boys D1 1:50PM

HS MTB practice canceled 27 September

Practice is canceled today due to weather.

Practice canceled 27 September

Practice is canceled due to weather. Continuous bands of precipitation are moving in from the south. We will pre-ride the course on Thursday this upcoming week. The course is marked and the trails are very fast with very little climbing. Feel free to get out on the race course this week during your own free time.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Practice 27 Sep. is still on!

We have a 50/50 chance of no rain on Saturday. We staked out the race course tonight. The trails are very dry and need a little moisture. Of course too much rain will be a bad thing. I will post an update at 7am Saturday morning regarding the status of our practice.

Fwd: Important Junior's RV Race News!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Utah High School Cycling League" <>
Date: Sep 26, 2014 4:08 PM
Subject: Important Junior's RV Race News!
To: "Lucy Jordan" <>

Pre-Ride, Saturday, Sept 27th WATCH THE WEATHER - RAIN EXPECTED Please use best judgement if planning a pre-ride tomorrow (Saturday). We need to mak

2 Intermediate Start

JD Intermediate Start SH Race Photo:Greg Steffen

Pre-Ride, Saturday, Sept 27th

Please use best judgement if planning a pre-ride tomorrow (Saturday). We need to make sure we are advocating proper tail use and etiquette. Riding on muddy trails is not good for anyone and will result in loss of trail use for our organization and mountain bikers in general (plus it ruins bikes). In other words, if it's muddy - don't ride.


Park City has accidentally double-booked events at Round Valley on Friday, October 3rd. There will be a high school cross-country race going on at Round Valley at the same time as our Juniors Race. They will be staging out of the soccer fields and using the two parking lots in front of the soccer fields (and bussing from the high school).

We will be parking at the USSA Center of Excellence and will have 50 parking spots at the Ice Arena. Our Pit Zone and race will be as planned. Only the parking is affected. Please plan on extra time to allow for crowds and parking. See map below. Do not park at the soccer field parking lots.

juniors parking
1 Advanced Start

Advanced Juniors Start at Soldier Hollow Photo:Greg Steffen


Please note time changes from race #1 due to the sun going down sooner now.

3:00PM Course & Registration Open
4:45PM Staging opens for Advanced racers
5:00PM Advanced Start
5:01PM Intermediate Start
5:30PM Staging opens for Beginners
5:45PM Beginner Juniors Start
6:50PM Juniors Podium

IMG 0408

Thomas McNulty big finish SH race Photo: Greg Steffen

Director's Note:

As the Junior Devo program is new and many of you are new to our NICA program, I wanted to tell you about what makes all NICA races across the country so special.

What is a NICA race? It's where everyone is cheered. It's where you might see a team running next to the last racer in - encouraging him to finish. It's seeing a car full of varsity boys (all from different teams), pull up to a pre-ride to practice and have fun together. It's where you hear student athletes say, "great job! keep it up" to their competitors.

Why is it different than other races? Because NICA is founded upon 5 Core Principles (strong body, strong mind, strong character, inclusivity, and equality) with a life-long focus. Our program emphasizes the value of each participant and places camaraderie, positive behavior, respect, and the cultivation of health over competition.

What does that mean? It means that like our high school students, when you pass or are being passed you say stuff like, "great job! way to go!" It means you should have lots of fun with your team and on your bike; and enjoy that "spirit of NICA" that we all share.

Like I always tell the high schoolers when they start their race, "Remember #1 - Be Safe, #2 - Have Fun." And by the looks of all your photos from race 1 - with so many smiles - you 7-8th graders already know "have fun"! :)

I've included several rules reminders in this newsletter to help you with #1 - Be Safe.

Lori Harward
Executive Director

IMG 0276

High Fivin' it! photo: Greg Steffen



NICA student-athletes must wear an approved helmet at all times (see rule 4.1 for list of approved helmet standards). Under no circumstances shall a student be on their bicycle without a helmet fastened to their head, even when riding a very short distance. Student-athletes must also keep their helmet on when walking or running on the course with a mechanical problem. See rule 4.1 for additional details regarding helmets. ORANGE LEVEL CONSEQUENCES

See also rules 13.1 COACHES' HELMETS and 14.1 PARENTS' HELMETS. Parents and coaches shall comply with helmet rule at all races.


Pre-riders must ride in the designated direction of the race (no back tracking). If student-athletes must back track, they must walk with their bikes. ORANGE LEVEL CONSEQUENCES

Please visit our website for complete rulebook. - top right corner click on "Rulebook"

IMG 0245

"Yes!" photo: Greg Steffen


I've had a couple requests for juniors to change categories. This is ok. Please send requests to Don Trop (, our timing official so he can make the changes in the timing system. Or send to Lori and she can forward. (

See our website under Junior Development Teams for category descriptions and details.

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The course is being set...

Coach Drew on Friday afternoon helping set the Round Valley race course.   It takes a lot of volunteer hours to put these races on!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We need a junior racer for Saturdays 6 Hour MTB race!

Student athletes,
-  We have had a last minute racer cancellation for this upcoming Saturday's 6 Hour MTB Race up in Heber UT hosted by the Summit Bike Club.
- Our student Athletes (Brogan Cole & Finn Canski) need a third race partner!
- This race is a relay event.  Racers will complete approximately 3 laps each during the 6 hour event.
-  Your $37.00 race fee will be covered by the team.
-  Please email or text me at your earliest convenience if you are interested in racing (801) 556-2850.

Friday, September 19, 2014

HS MTB Practice 23,25,27 September

****** Due to the fact that it is getting darker earlier we are moving the start of our remaining practices to 5:00pm.  This will allow our students who bicycle home a safer commute.  I highly recommend that all students commuting to/from practice have a small handlebar headlight and a rear seat post mounted flashing red light.  These lights can be purchased at our local team sponsored bicycle shops or on-line with our league sponsored  The link below is an example of a $10 front mounted light.  Just think $20 to be seen on the road….*******

Practice schedule:

Tuesday 23 September
Time:  5:00pm-7:00pm
(Students requiring transportation depart/return Sugarhouse SHOPKO 4:30pm-7:30pm)
(Adult volunteers please reply if you can transport students/bikes….How many?)

Location: Parking lot at top of Little Mountain…. webpage link (
(From Salt Lake City, drive up I-80 in Parley's Canyon. Exit at the Little Dell Recreation Area - East Canyon Exit (U-65). 
Drive north towards Big Mountain, then turn left at the Emigration Canyon road. At the summit (top of Little Mountain).
Park on the north (right) side of the road. GPS N 40° 46.512' W 111° 43.129'.

Trail description:
Little Mountain to Mormon Trail (This ride does involve a road hill climb.  Proper road bicycle etiquette required)
0.0   Start northeast uphill at Little Mountain Pass
3.5   4-way intersection, turn R downhill
        N 40° 48.664' W 111° 41.457'
        (L = down to Killyon Canyon)
4.4   Affleck Park, R downhill on DT
4.6   Exit park on ST (keep R)
5.6   Road, cross slightly uphill to continuing trail
7.3   At Little Dell picnic area, exit onto road
7.5   Turn R at Emigration Canyon Road
9.6   Back at Little Mountain Pass

Ride Leaders:
1)  Matt Dimick
2)  Collin Bywaters

Thursday 25 September
Time:  5:00pm-7:00pm
Location:  Red Butte Garden TH

Ride Leaders:
1)  Drew Jordan
2)  Ally Barton
3)  Carrie Szumnarski
4)  Dane Hess

Saturday 27 September
Time:  9:00am-12:00pm
Location:  Round Valley (Pre ride race course)
600 Gillmore WayPark City UT. (Park in the dirt lot just W. of the soccer fields)
(Students are responsible for their own transportation)

Ride Leaders:
1)  Drew Jordan
2)  Lucy Jordan

Sunday, September 14, 2014

HS MTB Practice 15-21 September and race #2 info



-Adult volunteers who would like to bring food to the race venue (reimbursed from team funds with receipt) please contact me at your earliest convenience (



From South: Take Huntsville Canyon (I-84) to Trappers Loop. 
From North: Take 3100 North in Ogden up North Ogden Canyon Road




Sophomore Boys D1 9:30AM 
Freshman Boys D2 9:34AM 
Freshman Boys D1 9:38AM


Varsity Girls 10:50AM 
JV Girls 10:53AM 
Sophomore Girls 10:56AM 
Freshman Girls 10:59AM


JVBoys D1 12:25PM 
Sophomore Boys D2 12:30PM


Varsity Boys 1:45PM 
JV Boys D2 1:50PM


Online registration closes Monday September 15th at midnight. Avoid long lines and late fees by registering now online.

Onsite registration opens Saturday, September 20th at 8:00AM. $10 late fee added at on-site registration.

Weekly team practice schedule:


-This week we are going to conduct a Tuesday practice only.  On Thursday Please get out on your own and spin your legs, clean your bike with special focus on your drivetrain.  Make sure the bike is in proper working order before race #2.  Race #2 is at a ski resort.  You will be climbing right off the start!

-Many of our student athletes and adult volunteers are getting tired of the BST Trail system at Red Butte Gardens.  On Tuesday we are going to practice on the Mormon Pioneer Trail system.  This will switch things up for everyone and offer you a climbing trail system to match your effort on Saturdays race course.

-For those of you that do not have transportation to the trail head we will meet at the SHOPKO parking lot and match up students with adult volunteer drivers.  There is no carpool sign up for this event.  I am going off historical weekly attendance numbers. (volunteer drivers please contact me with seats available and bikes you can transport

Tuesday 16 September
Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm
(Students requiring transportation depart/return Sugarhouse SHOPKO 4:30pm-7:30pm)
Location: Mormon Pioneer TR (meet at Little Dell Reservoir parking lot)
From SLC:
-Take I-80 East
-Take exit 134 for UT-65 N toward East Canyon
-Turn left on UT-65N
-Drive approximately .6 mile and Mountain a Dell Reservoir parking lot will be on your right
-Enter parking lot ($5 parking fee waived for mountain bikers)

Saturday 20 September
Time: 9:00am-4:30pm
Location: Race #2 Nordic Valley Ski Resort Eden UT
Note: food and drink provided by the team.  Bagels in the am and sandwiches in the PM.  Family members and friends invited to join us under the tents.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

Directions: (see note at beginning of this notice regarding alternate routes due to road closures for XTERRA event).
From Salt Lake City UT I-15 North to US 89 North for 7.5 miles and merge onto I-84 East via the ramp to Morgan/Evanston. At 4.4 miles take exit 92 for UT-167 toward Mountain Green/Huntsville. Turn left onto UT-167 N/N 6300 West. Continue to follow UT-167 North 9.5 miles. Turn right onto UT-39E/UT-39 Scenic E 1.8 miles. Road curves north and becomes State Road 166. Follow 166 as it winds around Pine View Reservoir (turning west and north and west and north) and into Eden where 166 is 5500 East. At State Rte 158, turn left and follow 2.4 miles, it joins route 162. Turn left onto 3300 North heading east. Turn left onto 3500 North for .6 miles. Left on Nordic Valley Way .5 miles 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Race 1 at Soldier Hollow

A few photos from race #1 at Soldier Hollow.

We had some great results and no injuries.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day.
SLC Composite took 2nd place in the team category. Go team!!