Sunday, August 19, 2012

3rd practice

For practice #2, the bikes came in!  I don't have a good picture - I'll post one when I do - but for now, I will just report that they are really nice Felt hardtails.

This year, our goal is to have three practices per week.  At practice #2, the group rode on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) for the first time.  Some of the students had been on this trail before, but others had not.  They did great using their own bikes or the new bikes.

At practice #3, we again headed to the BST.  Our big exercise for the day was the baseline time trial.  Each athlete was timed on the climb up Dry Creek, which is a pretty steep steady climb having a couple of tricky spots.  The goal was not to beat each other, per se, but to establish a baseline measure of fitness and skill for each athlete to which we can compare his or her time at various times throughout the year.  Our four athletes completed the trial in anywhere from 14:45 to 20:09. Not too shabby! 

We had a good showing of coaching staff (7) and but still only four athletes.  More are expected next week. 

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