Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 info meeting 50+!

Awesome turnout tonight for the 2014 season East, SLC Composite, and Judge HS MTB team kick off informational meeting at Contender bike shop.  There were at least 50 prospective and returning student athletes, parents, and coaches meeting and greeting ...

and gleaning all the pertinent info from Coach Drew.

The next step is up to the student-athlete.  New riders interested in joining the team (no obligation yet!) send Coach Drew an email to the address on your handout. 

Returning riders need to log into the Pit Zone and register.   

Deadline for the first jersey order is June 9. Register in the Pit Zone by June 9 too.

Here is the info on the handout.

East High School MTB team
 Judge Memorial High School MTB Team
SLC Composite MTB Team*
 (*AMES, City Academy, Highland, Rowland Hall, West)

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to the Salt Lake City area cross-country mountain bike team sign-up.  Our coaching staff represents three high school teams with boys and girls 9th 12th grade.  We have found success in numbers and have combined our coaching assets and our students in the SLC area to promote camaraderie, build teamwork skills, and ensure that everyone has a great time!  As a team we work with everyone from beginners to experts.  Every student is involved and nobody sits on the sidelines.  The coaching staff’s highest goal is to provide student athletes with the direction that will help them achieve competitive success and personal development. 
Financial scholarships and short-term bike loaner programs are available.  If you are a student who shows a desire, we will find a way.   Contact Coach Drew and we will make it happen!
Team web page (Practices and cancellation notices): http://www.slccomp.blogspot.com
Utah League web page: http://www.utahmtb.org
NICA Organization web page: http://www.nationalmtb.org

**Steps you need to take**

Student/Parent Contact information

1)                 All students (new & returning) send an email to drewcycle...at...gmail.com and include the following information: (change the ...at... to the at symbol)
a.       Student Name / School Attending / Grade enrolled in as of Sept. 2014
b.      Student Email / Student Phone (cell or home)
c.       Parents’ Names / Parents’ Emails / Parents’ Phones (cell or home)

Enrolling students in the NICA Pit Zone
(Your on-line registration site)

1)                 Returning students previously enrolled in the Pit Zone
a.       Log in to the Pit Zone and enroll for the 2014 season

2)                 New students with no Pit Zone account:
a.       Head coach will send you an invitation in to the Pit Zone via email once your contact information has been received. 
b.      Note:  Make sure you check your spam folder for your invitation.

Adult enrollment with NICA to be a registered Ride Leader

1)     Parents interested in becoming involved with the team as a registered Ride Leader with NICA contact Coach Drew Jordan drewcycle...at...gmail.com .  Your involvement guarantees our teams success!

Ordering a team race jersey

1)                 Team jerseys will be ordered on-line with locally owned Blackbottoms Cycleware.  Cost per jersey is $35.  Minimum jersey quantity per order will be 12 for each team.  Jersey orders are open to racers, family members, and friends. (Show your pride and get the word out!). 
2)                 www.team.blackbottoms.com
a.       Navigate to NICA tab.
b.      Select your team jersey and complete your order.
**Note:  NICA shorts are NOT a required item to purchase. **
3)                 ** Student racers are required to race wearing a team jersey**

Three waves of jersey orders will be placed during the 2014 season as long as minimum quantities for each team per order are met.
§  Wave I ordering window (May 19th - Jun 9th)
(Approx. 8-week turnaround)
§  Wave II ordering window (July 8th July 15th)
(Approx. 8-week turnaround)
§  Wave III ordering window (Sep. 3rd Sep 6th)
(Approx. 2-week turnaround)

General Information

1)                 Practices start 8 July and meet Tue & Thur approx. 5:30PM-7:30PM and Sat approx. 9AM-12PM (schedule and location will be posted on team web page).
2)                 NICA registration $50, Race fees $40 per race
3)                 All pertinent information will be posted on the team web page.  Any questions check this page.

Race Schedule

§  September 6th Solider Hollow
§  September 20th Nordic Valley
§  October 4th Round Valley
§  October 11th Snowbasin
§  October 25th St George UT (State Championship)


Contact coach Drew Jordan via text, phone, or email.
** Between the hours of 9AM and 9PM Mountain Time. **
(801) 556-2850

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