Saturday, October 18, 2014

Final HS MTB Practice and final race info


Practice Tuesday 21 Oct 5 to 7 PM at the regular Red Butte/Nat History Museum location. There may be goodies or prizes for this last official practice. 

Race #5
One more race to go next Saturday Oct 25 and it is in beautiful sunny Saint George!  This course is slightly more technical than previous races but you are all ready for it. All our student athletes are eligible to race in Saint George next weekend (no qualification needed).  

Any racer who attends the State Champs race and stays through the finish of the last wave will receive a prize compliments of our sponsors! The SLC Composite team is in second place by only 160 points so let's get out and race!  

The final dinner and awards banquet will be held at the Dixie Convention Center on Saturday evening.  

We have several students in contention for overall awards. The top 10% of the category plus two are awarded in the overall standings at the award banquet.  For for example, 58 JV girls have raced.  10% is 6 girls plus 2 is 8 so awards will be given to the top 8 JV girls. Remember, when computing your overall series points, your lowest scoring race (or the one you didn't attend) is dropped and there is a bonus of up to 50 points for racing this last race.  Additionally, if you raced all the races, you are awarded 25 bonus points.  These point bonuses may mix things up a bit!  

Drew and Lucy will be camping at the race venue.  There is no campground there, just a dirt area so be prepared if you are going to camp with us.  

Help wanted
We need help hauling gear back and forth to the race.  If you can take or bring one of the big tents or a table, let us know.  Also, we need parents to bring breakfast or lunch food. Team will reimburse so please bring your receipt.

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