Monday, October 28, 2013

Race #5 Utah State Championship info 1

We are excited for our last race, the State Championship in Moab on Nov 9.  Even if you have missed a race, it is important that you come out and enjoy this fun venue. Here are a couple of important points about scoring.

All finishers at the State Championship are awarded Race Bonus Points as follows: 50 points for 1st place and sequentially for each place thereafter, one less point than is awarded the immediately preceding place, through 50th place, and one point for each finishing place thereafter (e.g., 49 points for 2nd, 48 points for 3rd, . . . 3 points for 48th, 2 points for 49th, 1 point for 50th, and 1 point for each finisher thereafter
Awards for the day are awarded right after the race at the race venue. Overall Awards for the year will be held at the Grand County High School (608 South 400 East) at 6:30PM. These awards are for the overall race series and are awarded 10% of field size (rounded up) plus two places deep.
Awards will be followed by a professional cyclist speaker (tba).
Overall Series scoring for individuals is based on the best 4 of 5. In other words, the lowest score is dropped. A missed race would be the lowest score dropped.

The race is on the Brand trails. Click here for more info on the trails. Navigate to Trails->select by region -> Moab ->Brand Trails.

Don't forget to wear your jersey to practice at Sugarhouse Park tomorrow for the team picture.

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