Sunday, October 13, 2013

Race #3 Snowbasin Altitude Bash

Great day of racing yesterday at the 3rd High School race of 2013 at the Snowbasin Altitude Bash.

The girls went off at 10 AM. 

Lia at the start.

Lia coming through on her lap 2.5 minutes ahead of everyone!

She held on for a big win!  Lia and mom Ellen.

Wave 2 is Freshman and Sophomore Boys at 11:45.

JD and Quinn at the start

Thomas and his rival sprinting for the finish.  They were back and forth all day but at the end, his competitor held on for to snag 4th place.  Thomas had his best result so far of the year in 5th place.
Quinn at the finish

Most of the racers' families were there to cheer on the kids.

The JV and varsity boys race last so they have more time to prep and warm up.

Coach Drew walking through the course with John as he warms up

As the JV and Varsity were getting going, we had a team feast for those that were done.  Mmmmmmmeatball subs!

  Wave 3 is the JV and Varsity boys at 1:05 pm.

Ben coming through on lap 2

Sam cheered on by Coach Drew and brother Quinn


Isaac had a tough day with mechanicals but held on to finish his race.

Varsity racer Galen

Varisty racer Ian

Thankfully, the weather was chilly but not wet and the precip from the past couple of weeks put the trail in primo condition.  With 3 races down and 2 to go, SLC Conglomerate is racing well.

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