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Pre-Ride, Saturday, Sept 27th WATCH THE WEATHER - RAIN EXPECTED Please use best judgement if planning a pre-ride tomorrow (Saturday). We need to mak

2 Intermediate Start

JD Intermediate Start SH Race Photo:Greg Steffen

Pre-Ride, Saturday, Sept 27th

Please use best judgement if planning a pre-ride tomorrow (Saturday). We need to make sure we are advocating proper tail use and etiquette. Riding on muddy trails is not good for anyone and will result in loss of trail use for our organization and mountain bikers in general (plus it ruins bikes). In other words, if it's muddy - don't ride.


Park City has accidentally double-booked events at Round Valley on Friday, October 3rd. There will be a high school cross-country race going on at Round Valley at the same time as our Juniors Race. They will be staging out of the soccer fields and using the two parking lots in front of the soccer fields (and bussing from the high school).

We will be parking at the USSA Center of Excellence and will have 50 parking spots at the Ice Arena. Our Pit Zone and race will be as planned. Only the parking is affected. Please plan on extra time to allow for crowds and parking. See map below. Do not park at the soccer field parking lots.

juniors parking
1 Advanced Start

Advanced Juniors Start at Soldier Hollow Photo:Greg Steffen


Please note time changes from race #1 due to the sun going down sooner now.

3:00PM Course & Registration Open
4:45PM Staging opens for Advanced racers
5:00PM Advanced Start
5:01PM Intermediate Start
5:30PM Staging opens for Beginners
5:45PM Beginner Juniors Start
6:50PM Juniors Podium

IMG 0408

Thomas McNulty big finish SH race Photo: Greg Steffen

Director's Note:

As the Junior Devo program is new and many of you are new to our NICA program, I wanted to tell you about what makes all NICA races across the country so special.

What is a NICA race? It's where everyone is cheered. It's where you might see a team running next to the last racer in - encouraging him to finish. It's seeing a car full of varsity boys (all from different teams), pull up to a pre-ride to practice and have fun together. It's where you hear student athletes say, "great job! keep it up" to their competitors.

Why is it different than other races? Because NICA is founded upon 5 Core Principles (strong body, strong mind, strong character, inclusivity, and equality) with a life-long focus. Our program emphasizes the value of each participant and places camaraderie, positive behavior, respect, and the cultivation of health over competition.

What does that mean? It means that like our high school students, when you pass or are being passed you say stuff like, "great job! way to go!" It means you should have lots of fun with your team and on your bike; and enjoy that "spirit of NICA" that we all share.

Like I always tell the high schoolers when they start their race, "Remember #1 - Be Safe, #2 - Have Fun." And by the looks of all your photos from race 1 - with so many smiles - you 7-8th graders already know "have fun"! :)

I've included several rules reminders in this newsletter to help you with #1 - Be Safe.

Lori Harward
Executive Director

IMG 0276

High Fivin' it! photo: Greg Steffen



NICA student-athletes must wear an approved helmet at all times (see rule 4.1 for list of approved helmet standards). Under no circumstances shall a student be on their bicycle without a helmet fastened to their head, even when riding a very short distance. Student-athletes must also keep their helmet on when walking or running on the course with a mechanical problem. See rule 4.1 for additional details regarding helmets. ORANGE LEVEL CONSEQUENCES

See also rules 13.1 COACHES' HELMETS and 14.1 PARENTS' HELMETS. Parents and coaches shall comply with helmet rule at all races.


Pre-riders must ride in the designated direction of the race (no back tracking). If student-athletes must back track, they must walk with their bikes. ORANGE LEVEL CONSEQUENCES

Please visit our website for complete rulebook. - top right corner click on "Rulebook"

IMG 0245

"Yes!" photo: Greg Steffen


I've had a couple requests for juniors to change categories. This is ok. Please send requests to Don Trop (, our timing official so he can make the changes in the timing system. Or send to Lori and she can forward. (

See our website under Junior Development Teams for category descriptions and details.

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