Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HS MTB Practice for Composite, East, Judge

Dear Student Athletes and Parents,
  July has arrived and with the warmer temperatures comes the official opening of the HS MTB practice season.  The coaching staff looks forward to seeing all of you out on the trails soon.

8 July practice:  Meet at the North Hogle Zoo Parking lot (5:30pm-7:30pm.  This parking lot is just north of the zoo and located next to the Bonneville Shoreline zoo trail head)   This practice is geared towards our students who are new to the sport of cross country mountain biking.  We will spend the majority of the practice fitting student athletes to their bikes, issuing out loaner bikes and equipment and reviewing basic skills in the parking lot.  If you have been around mountain biking and have all of the necessary equipment please feel free to stay home for this practice.  Just make sure you bring your "A game" to practice on Thursday ;)

10 July practice:  Meet at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School (we meet on the side of the school on Homestead Rd. in the parking lot across from the playground area) 5:30pm-7:30pm

Note:  It is not practical or environmentally responsible to have everyone drive up individually to Park City.  We have had success in the past with our carpool system.  We will depart the SHOPKO parking lot 2290 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT (Closer to the Red Lobster restaurant) at 5:10pm on the 10th of July.  If you would like to drive up to Jeremy Ranch please email me with the number of athletes and bikes you can transport (drewcycle@gmail.com).  Once the dust settles with student athlete registration I will make a social roster that will be distributed for everyone to make their own carpooling efforts.

What do I need to attend practice:
-You need to be registered in the NICA Pit Zone and have a signed waiver by an adult on file (Log in to your Pit Zone account.  If you see a red exclamation point next to your name just hover your mouse over this and it will highlight what you are missing.)
- At this point if you have not mailed or scanned your waiver in to NICA but you have paid your registration please bring your signed form to practice.

What do I bring to practice:
-Spare tube
-Water (water bottle or hydration pack)

I do not have a bike or riding apparel…. What do I do?
-Practice on 8 July will be geared towards issuing bikes and ride gear to those who need them.  An additional form will be filled out and signed by a parent assuming financial responsibility for the bike in case it is damaged or lost.

How long does practice last:
-We usually meet 
Tuesday (5:30pm-7:30pm)
Thursday (5:30pm-7:30pm)
Saturday (9:00am-12:00pm)

Note:  Many of our adult volunteers are not able to get off work earlier than 5pm.  

I don't remember when and where the next practice is or the weather looks threatening and I don't know if practice is cancelled:
-Check the team webpage!  Last minute cancellations or practice updates will be posted to the team webpage.  When in doubt type it out!

What if I can not make practice this summer:
-The coaching staff understands that summer is a very busy time for our student athletes.  Summer jobs, family vacations, and dare I mention "summer school".  Many of our returning students are training and racing with summer cross country and downhill MTB teams.  If you are on a summer team please keep attending practices with them.  Do me a favor though and take a moment to send me an email (drewcycle@gmail.com) outlining which team you are practicing with and when your summer commitment is complete and we can expect to see you at our team practices. Bottom line… Please make sure you communicate with me so that our volunteer staff can plan accordingly.

Summer practice RSVP request:
-Due to the flexible nature of our summer practices I will request an RSVP from each student athlete for the first few practices ( July 10,12,15,17).  Once we have a feel for those attending the summer practices this will no longer be necessary.

Once again if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via email or text.  Over the past 3 years our teams have grown from 7 students to almost 40.  Communication will be a key component to our success.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trails soon.

Kind Regards
  Drew Jordan
(801) 556-2850

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