Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HS MTB practice Tuesday 29 July Cancelled / New carpool sign up procedure

Two important items to pass along..... Please read the complete e-mail.

1) Due to heavy rains yesterday and intermittent shower activity along the Wasatch Front today practice is canceled. The trails and your bikes will be happy about this decision. With your extra free time please continue to practice on your own. Our new riders should be at a point where they are comfortable shifting their gears without looking at shifting indicators or down at the gear drivetrain. Practice in your driveway, find some varied terrain and practice. The first race is just over 1 month away!

2) I have come to the realization that carpool sign-ups are equivalent to herding wet cats. The carpool sign-up for just this practice on Tuesday generated 52 emails that required a response from me. The white flag has been raised and I am going to take a different approach for signing up students and volunteer drivers. If you want to sign up for a carpool slot or would like to volunteer as a driver I will provide a "carpool web link" for each practice. Students add yourself to a car or put your name on the "waiting list" if no slots are available. Adult volunteers if you would like to drive click on the "add a carpool" located on the right side. For adult volunteers please type in the notes section # of bikes you can transport. Sign up at your earliest convenience. Please remember that if there are no slots available put your name on the wait list. If we get more drivers I will move you over to a carpool slot. If you remain on the wait list than all slots are full and a ride will not be available. It is your responsibility to check the web page to see if a carpool slot has been provided for you. Thank you all in advance for your understanding.

Drew Jordan
(Professional cat herder)

Carpool sign-up link for Thursday 31 July (Bob's Basin)


Note: Depart/return Sugarhouse SHOPKO 5:00pm/8:00pm


Carpool sign-up link for Saturday 2 Aug (PCMR)


Note 1: do not panic if you are on the wait list. We will be adding more carpool drivers.
Note 2: Depart/return Sugarhouse SHOPKO 8:15am/1:00pm
Remember that this ride also requires an RSVP regardless of carpool or not. If you are attending email me. (drewcycle@gmail.com)

Current Students signed up:

Isaac Sargent
Thomas Justice
Caylee White
Johnny Balk
Patrick Utzinger
Ian Hansen
Brogan Cole

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