Thursday, August 14, 2014

1st wave Missing Team Jersey orders / 2nd wave extended until Sunday 11:59pm

Student athletes and parents,
It is starting to become apparent to me that some of you who ordered jerseys during the 1st round of jersey orders have not received them. The order process was completed in-house at Blackbottoms and I do not have a master copy of the orders. Currently Lucy and I have a few jerseys in our possession that have not been handed out.

If you ordered a jersey during the 1st order window and not yet received one please email me at your earliest convenience. If Lucy and I have your jersey in our possession I will let you know. If we do not possess it I will refer you to the owner of Blackbottoms. Please be prepared to show method of payment, vendor transaction number, and jersey size ordered. Mr. Elggren is very committed to the high school program. We just got off the phone with one another and he will be making a special production run to correct the missing jerseys. He lives and rides locally in SLC and he is committed to correcting this issue expeditiously. The benefit of working with Blackbottoms is that there is no middle man or multiple production levels. When there is a problem the action taken on their behalf is almost immediate and this issue will be corrected quickly. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Note: if you have not ordered a jersey the 2nd wave window has been extended until Sunday 11:59pm.

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Drew Jordan

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