Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MTB Practice Thursday 21 Aug and RSVP request

Student athletes,

School is fast approaching and many of you are busy preparing for the upcoming academic year. Unfortunately our attendance rates have fallen drastically for practices recently. Tomorrow's practice I have 4 adult volunteers for 3 students. The time commitment for everyone is very involved and I will make adjustments to the schedule as necessary so that all involved have a positive experience.

While we make our way through this transition from summer vacation to the school year I am going to request that you RSVP for practices until further notice. This includes practice tomorrow 21 August. I will send another email to the team this evening after I finish work (9pm). Based on the number of student athletes who RSVP I will adjust the staffing and location of practice if necessary.

Drew Jordan


Current Participants 21 Aug:

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