Monday, August 18, 2014

HS MTB Weekly Practice update & Wasatch 360 six hour MTB race update

Student Athletes and parents,

1)  Please keep an eye on the them webpage regarding Tuesdays Practice.  Right now we have a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon along the Wasatch Front.  I will make a decision around 2pm regarding practice being a "GO" or "NO GO".  If we have to cancel practice due to weather I will post it on the team website.


2)  Practice on Saturday is canceled…………… Many of your coaches and fellow student athletes will be participating in the Wasatch Back 360.  This is a 6 hour MTB race being hosted up in Heber UT this upcoming Saturday 23 August.  

3)  Are you interested in racing on Saturday?  So many questions and so little time to register (20 Aug before the race fees go up)…… Stop rubbing your eyes and patting your head….. You can do this!

Here are the details:

OK…. lets get down to the race particulars
-10.4 miles per lap
-1050 feet of climbing per lap
-It is a relay race…. Each of you takes turns out on the course.
-You can sign up as a solo, 2 person, 3 person team.  You can sign up with other student athletes or you can sign up with one or both of your parents.  The options are infinitesimal!
-We will have tents set up in the transition zone and many of your coaches will be racing alongside you….. Thats right…Tons of support.  The biggest issue for you the student athlete….. getting to the start line at 8:30am!

-Coach I have never done a race before…
You can do this!……..If you have 3 student athletes racing on a team you will do approximately 2 laps…. 20.8 miles of racing and 2,100' of climbing.  Psssst…..little known secrete…. All of you have been riding 16 miles and 2,200' of climbing during our Saturday practices!

-Coach how do I get to the race venue
We will set up transportation from the Sugarhouse SHOPKO.  Yes it will be early (6:30am) and no we will not wait for you if you are late….. Tough MTB love!

-I want to race but I do not know who to race with.
-Hey…. You want to race….. Tell me you are interested and I will try and match you up with other students.

-I can not afford to race
-Grrrrrrrrrrr….. All of your adult volunteers have worked hard to make sure you can race.  If money is an issue just let me know.  You show us the "will" and we will make it happen!


    Drew Jordan
(801) 556-2850

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