Friday, September 13, 2013

Here is tomorrow's course

I (Coach Lucy) have some Google Earth image print outs that we will use to discuss the race course tomorrow at our team racers' meeting at 10:30 AM.  It would be a good idea to pre-ride the course before the first race starts at 10 am, but it is not essential. 

I rode this at a pace comparable to our middle-speed riders.  The re-routed course is considerably longer with more climbing, BUT there are many more areas to to pass than the original course. Passing will be key tomorrow with 500 racers!

The course goes clockwise. Out of the start gate there is about 100 yard of pavement, then, BAM, into single track for 0.5 mile (same as original course).  It will be tough to pass for this first half mile. Then there is a 0.5 mile section of gravel road that is good to pass. At the three way intersection of the canyons, go over the bridge onto ST and up to the start of Gas Line trail. Instead of cutting right onto Gas Line like we did on the original course, we go left down the road, over 3 concrete drainage channels. Very fast, but room to pass there.

Next is a steep but short ST section, then, at the most northerly point on the track, the course turns south onto Corner Canyon road for about a half mile climb.  Best to pass here!  Tie back into Gas Line ST over to the river crossing (same as original course).  But from there, instead of contouring over to Silica Pit on the new trail, we go down the road.  At the big 3-way intersection, go up to the new Creekside trail.  Creekside was part of the original course.  Down Creekside to the lower loop as in the original course.

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