Friday, September 13, 2013

Race #1 course changes

Team members and parents. Coach Wilson, Lucy, and myself were out working on the course today. Due to the heavy amounts of rain the course has been slightly re-routed. In my opinion the new corse is better! The good news is the course is fast and there are more sections of trail with passing options. The bad news is the course will take longer than 40 minutes to complete for our Freshman and Sophomores. I would expect it to take you 35 minutes per lap. Coach Lucy will try and post the gps track on the team web page later tonight 9pm'ish. It is approximately 5.8 miles long and 800 feet of climbing. The corse trails have a lot of sand that is hard packed and very fast. When racing downhill remember to keep your weight back and use the front brake sparingly.

The weather shows more rain in the forecast tonight with clearing tomorrow at 7am thru 3pm. This course can handle the rain and the course will be fast! Once again coach Lucy and Drew will be set up at 8am. If you want to pre ride come by early and we will set you up on the course.

See you all tomorrow!

Coach Drew

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