Sunday, September 15, 2013

Results and videos from Race #1 Corner Canyon Kick Off

Preliminary results are up on the UHSCL website here.  We are protesting Noah's results and have verbal assurance from the director that it will be resolved.  For some reason he did not get timed, but we all know he rode his heart out!

Our top finisher for the day was Freshman Sam M. who took the WIN by 23 seconds in Freshman Boys Division 2, which had 39 competetors. (Division 2 is teams with 12 or fewer racers.) Way to go Sam!!

Ben R. from judge and Thomas J. missed top ten in their categories by only 1 place.  Ben's finish-line leg cramps probably kept him from the podium.

All 15 of our racers completed the full course in good health.  We came out with only two small flesh wounds and one lost contact lens.

Great job by everyone.  Now enjoy some fun short video clips.  Never mind the hysterical coach screaming her lungs out cheering on the riders.

Sam winning

Division 2 Junior Varsity start

Galen lapping

Christian lapping

Seiji lapping

Patrick lapping

Thomas finishing

Noah finishing

Noah interview

See yesterday's post for pictures.

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