Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photos and slideshow from the team meeting

Friday we had a team social and meeting.  The purpose was to let the students and parents get to know each other and talk about team activities.  We also introduced the team to a few of the sponsors that were able to attend.

Below is the 7-minute slideshow of pictures from the first few weeks of practice.  Below are some pictures from the meeting.

We had the good fortune to be able to conglomerate at the Salt Lake Regional Hospital Physical Therapy Center, which is part of SportsMed Utah. One of our coaches, Collin Bywaters, is a therapist there.  He and his colleagues were gracious enough to let us chow pizza in their space.  They even gave us cool musette bags full of S.W.A.G. (stuff we all get) goodies.

Thanks also to those parents who brought tasty side dishes to compliment our pizza!

Enjoy the video.

And the pics.

And here they are: SLC Conglomerate Teammates!

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